What is 100 Mile Radius?

In 2008 Stuart Pilkington started to curate online photography projects and brought together emerged and emerging, amateur and professional, known and not so well know photographers to work collaboratively towards a common goal.

He has since curated projects such as The 50 States Project, Someone I Know and The Swap. And his projects have featured on the BBC, Esquire, TIME Lightbox and National Public Radio as well as others.

The top fifty winners of the 100 Mile Radius will have their submitted landscape image published on the 100 Mile Radius website which will be published in September 2015 and will be a permanent online exhibition. The average number of visitors to a project curated by Stuart is circa 45,000.

You can read a little history about his projects in a recent interview with PDN here and about the origins of the competition in this interview with Huck Magazine.

British artist Wendy McMurdo, whom took part in two of his projects, wrote about her experience:

"The audiences for Pilkington's projects are larger than those for the vast majority of gallery-based photography exhibitions or even those for photography books. Unlike traditional photographic display, the projects structure eschews the usual strategies of sequential practice and repetition of photographic display and instead encourage us to think of the future of photography in a networked world. It's a pretty exciting place to be."

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