Alastair Cook is an acclaimed and award-winning residency artist working predominantly with lens-based media. He works principally as a photographer concentrating on antique technologies and as a filmmaker combining digital video and hand-developed film-stock. Alastair is the founder of Documenting Britain, driven by his desire to document the archipelago that is the British Isles. He is currently the artist in residence for Kaunas Photography Gallery in Lithuania, representing Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow.

Alastair describes the type of photography he likes:

"When spending time with landscape photography, I invariably settle back into an established definition of landscape: a place on which the human has made a mark of some kind. However, the arguably antiquated notion that the human set within the landscape is a master over the landscape unsettles me - I feel that we belong within it and an accordance of respect should come without consideration. Caspar David Friedrich's work Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog illustrates this basic paradox - master or servant? I feel we ought to balance both and as such warm to landscape work which places the figure within an illustrative context or removes the figure entirely. Currently I am spending far too much time with the work of Zineb Sedira."

Websites: Alastair Cook and Documenting Britain.

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