Al Brydon is a UK based landscape photographer. He has both exhibited and been published internationally and currently resides in South Yorkshire, on the edge of the Peak District. This relatively recent move back to his home triggered connections with the landscape in ways he'd never really realised were possible.

Al describes the type of photography he likes:

"The landscape photography that engages me on a deeply personal level always feels much like a self portrait. I like a pretty sunset as much as the next man, but landscape photography in particular has so much unused potential for expression and storytelling, it's almost maddening. As the camera club ethos has been brought crashing to the ground by new photographers making genuinely exciting and compelling work, things have improved dramatically. Photography should be a mirror as well as a window (I've stolen that from somewhere) and I'm extremely pleased to have the opportunity to be able to suggest some of the people making in my opinion such imagery: Di Emerson, Rob Hudson, Iain Sarjeant, Brian David Stevens, Wouter Van de Voorde."

Websites: Al Brydon and Lazy Painting.

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