Amy Wolff is the photo editor for Photo District News (PDN) and co-founder of CoEdit Collection, an online photography gallery that sells fine art prints. Amy grew up in Easton, PA, and after receiving a BA in Communications & Art History from Goucher College in Baltimore, she moved to San Francisco. After a short stint in advertising, she switched gears to become an employee of the federal government, working in a national park as the staff photographer and producer of art exhibits and public programs. In her spare time she photographed bands in exchange for concert tickets or free beer, and weddings that actually paid. Leaving her cushy government benefits behind, she moved to New York City in 2007 to pursue a career in photo editing. She began as a photo assistant at Fortune magazine where one of her first tasks was to scan Walker Evans negatives. Amy is a frequent (and honest) portfolio reviewer and judge for photography contests.

Amy describes the type of photography she likes:

"As a photo editor at PDN, I see a lot of images, all day, every day. I like all kinds of photography - portraits, landscapes, still life, conceptual, fine art, documentary, photo journalism, food, travels but I'm not interested in a particular type. 'Everyone' is a photographer these days so what is important is a point of view. What are you doing differently from everyone else? What makes you and your work unique? What are you trying to do/say/accomplish with your images? I realize those are difficult questions to answer but it makes all the difference."

Websites: PDN and CoEdit Collection.

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