The Brief

Find a map of where you currently live and pinpoint your home on that map.

Draw a circle that is a 100 mile radius around your house and then locate a landscape, (a definition of landscape can be found here), that is within that area.

There is an online tool here if you need one

Go to that location and take a photograph of that landscape with any camera that you choose, (large format, medium format, digital SLR, lomo, camera phone etc etc) and in any style of your choosing.

Document the land using your unique voice

It can be a straightforward interpretation or abstract or any style that you favour. (To find out what type of photography the judges like click here).

It has to be a new piece of work in response to the brief and one image per entry.

Submit your image as a jpg, (1500 pixels in height and any DPI), by 31st July 2015. Click here to find out how.

The top 50 images will be featured on the '100 Mile Radius' website from September 2015 onwards.

To find out what the prizes are click here.