Who Are The Judges?

To find out more about the judges for 100 Mile Radius click on their names below:

Al Brydon
Photographer and curator of Lazy Painting
Al Palmer
Photographer and owner of Brown Owl Press
Alastair Cook
Artist and creator of Documenting Britain
Amy Wolff
Photo editor at PDN
Andrea Kurland
Editor for Huck Magazine
Andy Adams
Photographer and curator of FlakPhoto
Grant Scott
Photographer, editor and curator of The United Nations of Photography
Ira Veles
Journalist for Bird In Flight
Jonathan Blaustein
Artist, educator and writer for A Photo Editor
Ludmilla Morais
Photographer and member of strange.rs
Marc Wilson
Photographer and author of The Last Stand
Stuart Pilkington
Photographer and curator of The Swap
Willson Cummer
Photographer and curator of New Landscape Photography