Marc Wilson is a photographer based in Bath and has been photographing for over 15 years, both on long term projects and commercially.

His work documents the memories found in the landscape through human interaction, looking at subjects such as war, history and society.

His latest work, The Last Stand, photographed over four years between 2010 and 2014, has documented the wartime coastal defences of North-West Europe and the memories and histories they contain. A book of The Last Stand was published by Triplekite publishing in late 2014.

Marc has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, including The Focal Point Gallery, The Royal Armouries Museum and The Photographes Gallery, both in the UK and internationally in Milan, Grenoble & New York.

Marc describes the type of photography he likes:

"I think a photographer's bookshelf is a good place to go to see his influences and loves. My own bookshelf is quite varied, both in photobooks and novels. My photobooks range from Joel Sternfeld, Stephen Shore and Frank Gohkle, to Lynne Cohen, Christian Boltanski, Duane Michaels and Larry Sultan. (My favourite novel is 'The Book Thief' which perhaps also says something about me also).

Whether the photographer has looked at the landscape itself or the people or objects that inhabit it, what has always appealed to me is work that is filled with history and memory, work which is very much subject based, whatever it's backdrop."

Websites: Marc Wilson and The Last Stand.

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