Stuart Pilkington is a photographer and curator based in the North West of England.

He has photographed film directors such as Terry Gilliam, Alan Parker and Peter Greenaway for the BFI and for many years he photographed The Childwickbury Arts Festival run by Christiane Kubrick. He is currently working on his first long term project entitled Strangers In Paradise, part of Documenting Britain. In 2015 his portraits will be exhibited at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow and French Institute for Scotland, Edinburgh.

Since 2008 he has curated online photography projects such as The 50 States Project and The Swap. His projects have featured on the BBC, Esquire, PDN and National Public Radio and many more. In 2015 he set up The Pilkington Prize.

Stuart describes the type of photography he likes:

"I am open minded when it comes to image making and it's the same with music, I just like what I like. My eyes were opened to photography when I discovered William Eggleston, Alec Soth, Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld and Todd Hido in the early noughties. I like a variety of styles and for people to tackle simplicity and complexity with equal applomb. In my eyes there are no right or wrong answers, if I connect with an image then that's all there is to it and I am often unable to articulate what it is about the photograph that attracts me."

Websites: Stuart Pilkington and The Swap.

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